2014 New Ski Gear Preview at Fleischer Sport

This time of year is always exciting the first snow is falling it’s getting cold and all the 2014 newWomen's FX 94 kastle gear is starting to roll in nonstop. I Still haven’t read the gear reviews in the mags and the buyers guide but one thing I can tell you is that for the women the FX 94 kastle is the one to be on for the 201415 ski season. For the man it’s a bit of a tossup as far as skis go.

The new ritual by atomic is absolutely amazing on snow in the groomers crud and powder. Then of course there’s the Kastle MX 98.  I’ve written about it before and I’ll say it again hands-down the best ski ever made for a retail model ski. If you are an intermediate to advanced  skier, this ski is a “must to ski on” ski before you ever contemplate buying anything else.

Waymaker three buckle boots by atomicFor boots check out the Waymaker three buckle boots by atomic this year they are absolutely sure to please. For safety Shred and  POC have great helmets.  And for those of you looking for the ultra Stiely and safe, there is no doubt the new indigo lineup is amazing and only found at Fleischer Sport in Steamboat Springs. We are also Steamboat’s exclusive Kastle and Bogner rep.

Customer service credibility continuity satisfaction I hear all the keywords come to mind when I think about my store and my clients. Every winter demands the best equipment for the most discerning and best players and even if you’re a beginner / intermediate you always want the best gear, that’s why you come to Fleischer sport. We take great pride in serving your needs and I very much look forward to seeing you soon as winter comes on.