Do you rent helmets?


YES! we have a full size run and lots of helmets in each size for rental. The helmets that we rent are extremely comfortable and very well fitting. They also have adjustable vents for temperature [...]

Do you rent helmets?2014-06-04T17:47:38+00:00

What if I have my own boots?


Not a problem, there is an option in our reservation system to select that you are bringing your own boots and do not need ours. The price will change accordingly based on your selection.

What if I have my own boots?2014-06-04T17:46:18+00:00

How does the Kids Ski Free program work?


Ski rentals are free for kids age 10 and under with any adult (18+) rental package. One child is free per one adult that rents. Our reservation system will automatically calculate the FREE child or [...]

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How do I receive a 25% discount?


Book your reservation at least 24 hours in advance online at rentals.fleischersport.com with our custom reservation system and receive 25% OFF of our normal walk in rates.

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When can I pick up my equipment?


You can pick up your equipment either the morning of your first ski day OR the afternoon/evening prior to your first ski day. We always encourage guests to pickup the afternoon/evening before your first ski [...]

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