Free Ski and Snowboard Rentals for Kids at Fleischer Sport

  • Ski and Snowboard Rentals for Kids

Free Ski and Snowboard Rentals for Kids at Fleischer Sport

Kids rental gear is something we specialize in here at Fleischer Sport. We not only offer high quality performance skis and boots for kids but we also offer and are the only store in Steamboat to offer kids powder skis, kids Armada twin tip skis, Kids mid fat and kids fat skis. The Armada Tantrum is a mini version of the Men’s Armada TST and the Women’s Armada TSTw. I have 6 and 8 year old boys and nothing is cooler than watching them float on top of the powder on the fat skis that were once only reserved for mom and dad.

Skiing technology has changed and the gear I buy is the newest and the best for not just adults but for kids too. I buy the gear and myself and my family ski the gear we rent and sell. You are dealing with an owner who does the buying and knows what he is selling and how it supposed to be used and by whom.

Kids rentals at Fleischer Sport are a priority because our next generation of skiers and riders must have a great experience to want to stay involved in the sport and to hang with mom and dad on the slopes and not in the base lodge. Armada, Atomic and Kastle junior skis is what you will find at my store. For the little riders in the family it is Burton…enough said.

Fleischer Sport is also the only shop to offer kids performance ski packages for FREE if your child is 10 and under and has a shoe size of 7 or smaller. We match every child for FREE with every paid adult daily rental. NO blackout dates, no minimum days required and yes you still get your online discount for yourself and your spouse if you book online and in advance. In short there is no BS and no one else in Steamboat that rents skis can say that. Kids Rent FREE is our term, its our deal and we pioneered and still have the ONLY true Kids Rent FREE program in Steamboat.