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Ski Gloves or Mittens?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both gloves and mittens, and there are some important things to consider when purchasing hand-wear for skiing or snowboarding.


Ski Glove Advantages:

  • Usually lower profile
  • Better dexterity for reaching into pockets and using hands and fingers

Ski Glove Disadvantages:

  • Not as warm

hestra gloves


Ski Mittens Advantages:

  • Warmer

Ski Mittens Disadvantages:

  • Less dexterity and much more cumbersome

Things to think about…..

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  • Do I get cold hands?

If you tend to get cold hands while out on the mountain, definitely lean towards a mitten. By keeping your fingers all together, you will increase heat retention and will stay warmer for longer.

  • Am I skiing or snowboarding?

Most skiers tend to like more dexterity in their hands and fingers while skiing because they have to hold on to poles meaning that they might lean towards gloves.