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[title size=”2″]Selecting Ski Pants[/title]

Ski pants need to be comfortable, function to protect you from the elements, and look good too. When you try on ski jackets and pants, it’s a good idea to be wearing your base layers or take into consideration what you will be wearing under your ski pants. Ski pants can be fitted but absolutely NOT be restrictive. You are better off with a ski pant that is too big versus one that is a bit small. View women’s ski pants and men’s ski pants.

When Trying on Ski Pants think about:

Ski pants should have roomy fit. You need to be able to do a deep knee bend, bend over, lift your kneesup and twist with out restriction.

Ski pant waist line, is better off higher then lower. Many ski pants have higher backs, accommodating the ready position of skiing or bending over. If you prefer your pants worn lower you should wear a much longer coat to help protect your back from snow and exposure.

Bib ski pants, are a favorite among seasoned skiers. Bibs virtually eliminate snow from entering the back of the pant. They stay comfortably in place with the shoulder straps. They often have elastic in the waist band making bending over and getting up easy. There is also no restriction around the waist.

Ski pant length, they need to come down over your ski boots or have a ski boot gator sewn in, and not pull up when lifting your knees, bending over or getting up.