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Most of the time goggles are going to be the first choice when skiing or snowboarding because they will protect your face from wind, snow and sun. When the weather is warm and sunny with no wind, sunglasses could in fact be a better alternative. Prepared skiers usually carry both, as conditions can change quickly and having an alternative eye protection is a good idea.


There are 3 different types of lenses when it comes to goggles:

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1. Stamped Lenses Goggles with stamped lenses are the most basic and usually the most inexpensive of the three. If you are not an extremely avid skier or snowboarder, and just go a few days per year, this might be a good choice for you. These goggles come a lots of different styles and fits, along with lots of different lens colors and tints. The drawback to these is that the optical clarity(how easy it is to see through) of the lens is not very good and they scratch and get damaged very easily.

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2. Cylindrical lens goggles are most often in the mid level to higher quality range. These types of goggles usually have a much better fit, are more comfortable, and are much more scratch resistant and durable than the later. They however come with a little bit higher price tag and might be suited best for someone that skis or rides a few weeks per year.

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3. Spherical lens are the highest quality and the best optical clarity that you will be able to find. They attempt to resemble the shape of the actual human eye, which greatly decreases the distorted view that you would experience with the other two lens types. These also provide much better peripheral(side) view, allowing you to be more aware of what is going on around you on the slopes. These are usually the highest price, but you can find some models that are a little bit cheaper than most. If you are an avid skier and appreciate good clear vision on the slopes, these are the best choice for you.


Sunglasses are a great choice for spring skiing. When the temperature is warm and the weather is good, sunglasses will be a much cooler option than goggles, and have less potential for fog up when you get hot. However, they do lack the ability to block out elements like wind, snow and cold. If you do choose sunglasses, make sure you have a good quality pair that block 100% of UV light, and have a nice tight athletic fit. These are a few things to think about when trying to choose between goggles or sunglasses, but in the end it is mostly personal preference.

Goggles versus Sunglasses

Watch this short video, Chad will explain the difference between the two and the benefits of both.