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A ski jacket should be comfortable, functional and make you look good too. When trying on ski jackets, it’s a good idea to be wearing your base layers or take into consideration what you will be wearing under your ski jacket. Your ski jacket can be fitted but absolutely NOT restrictive. You are better off with a coat that is too big versus one that is a bit small. View women’s ski jackets and men’s ski jackets.
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When Trying on Ski Jackets think about:

The length of coat should fall below your waist line and even cover your trunk. The longer coat fit, helps keep snow from entering your snow pants. Many ski jackets have snow skirts to further prevent snow from entering. Ski Jackets should not be restrictive, they need to be loose enough to accommodate base layers. You need to feel comfortable bending over, getting up, raising your hands over your head and twisting.

length of arms should allow free movement of your arms. You need to be able to raise your arms over your head in a jumping jack fashion. Coat arm length should not allow for skin exposure even when arms are raised.

Ski Jackets with Hoods, Ski jackets with hoods offer more warmth and protection from the elements than jackets with out hoods. Hoods need to allow room for a ski hat or helmet, neck gators and goggles. Hoods prevent wind and snow from entering into the neck area.

Ski Jackets with Collars, with the addition of ski helmets, ski jackets with collars can be more comfortable and offer the fit around the neck area to compliment the helmet. Collars need to be large enough to allow for neck gator and other layers worn under the coat. The collar should be high enough to cover the mouth and nose when necessary. Collars should have adjustment features.