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Better Than Ski Delivery in Steamboat

Six Reason’s Fleischer Sports Ski Rentals in Steamboat is Better Than Ski Delivery:

  1. No need to lug your family’s gear to and from the slopes. Getting gear delivered sounds great but once it is in your posession its up to you to travel with it or pay $10 to $20 per day to store it. At Fliescher Sports you get FREE ski storage and your ski boots go on the boot drier so you have warm, dry boots in the morning!
  2. If your gear breaks or isn’t working properly, you don’t have to wait in the freezing cold snowstorm at the base of the Steamboat ski area for a van to find you or your child. All you have to do is walk into Fliescher Sports, convieniently located right at the base of the mountain. We will have your gear fixed and ready to go faster than a NASCAR pit crew!
  3. Don’t get stuck with what’s in the van! Ski delivery vans can only hold so much gear, not ideal if they don’t have the ski you want. At Fliescher sports you can choose from our entire inventory of skis, snowboards and boots for rent. We want to make sure you have a great experience and that you have the right gear for the conditions that fit your style of skiing or riding.
  4. Wet boots mean cold feet! Did you pack a boot drier in your luggage? Tire of stuffing your entire family’s ski boots with the Steamboat Pilot newspaper trying to get them dry? You don’t have to do any of that! We store your boots on our state-of-the-art boot driers every night to make sure when you pick them up in the morning you will have warm, and dry ski or snowboard boots. Warm toes equals happy family!
  5. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT for multi-day rentals! We don’t want to hold your wallet hostage and rent you skis when your not going to use them. A reservation is all we need, we just charge you when you use the skis or snowboards!
  6. FREE trades and changes. You got some all-mountain carvers for your first day to test out the groomers and get you feet back under you. Then a classic Steamboat snowstorm rolls in over night (which is likely to happen in Steamboat :-)). Change out those carvers for some FAT powder skiis and REALLY enjoy that champagne powder!

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  • FREE ski storage
  • FREE boot storage on state-of-the-art boot driers
  • NO UPFRONT PAYMENT for multi-day reservations
  • FREE trades and change outs


Fleischer Sport has the best gear, the best location and the best customer service! But don’t take our word for it, ask around, we have been voted Steamboat’s #1 ski shop three years in a row! So give us a call today to reserve your ski and snowboard rentals for the upcoming season.

Fleischer Sport is owned and operated by Two Time Winter Skiing Olympian Chad Fleischer! When you and yours want and deserve the best choose Fleischer Sport.