Hestra – The Best Ski Glove

Hestra- The best glove in the ski business

and I am not bragging I am simply laying out a fact. Lifetime warranty against defects, double and triple stitched seams and endless color palettes and models designed by racers, freeriders, boarders and mountaineers. For powder skiers and snowmobilers check out the Heli Glove, Heli Mitt and the Heli Three Finger for Men and Women. For my favorite check out the Seth Morrison Three Finger pro model that also comes in a glove. Hestra also has the powder straps to keep from losing and being able to dump a glove for a camera, phone conversation or to get your Go Pro going without having to lay it on or in the snow and a nose wipe on the thumb that is neoprene so your face doesn’t chap and peel off after a runny nose all day while skiing powder.