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I Can’t Ski On Those

I hear it all the time. “I can’t ski on those.” The world of ski equipment has changed dramatically in the past year alone, and it is time to understand why fat, bent skis are your ticket to skiing heaven.

Today’s skis are shorter, fatter and some have what is called early rise or rocker. Let’s break it down:

Early rise — This means the ski tip is slightly bent upward at the tip of the ski and slowly goes to flat, like a normal ski about a quarter of the way down the ski toward your foot. This means the ski tip is not engaging the snow at the top of the turn (less aggressive) and therefore the ski is looser (easier to turn into the turn, or initiate the turn). All of this technology is designed to make the ski follow you, and not control you.

Rocker — Rocker in the ski tip and tail allows for the ski to rise to the surface of the snow, not stay buried underneath it. This makes the ski float on the surface kind of like a water ski does on water. The rocker of the tail allows the ski to release from what you are floating on, and therefore the ski is always following you and your momentum.

One of the most common misperceptions about these skis is that you have to be a very good skier to ski them and that the snow needs to be deep. These skis make 4 inches of new snow feel like 8 inches of new snow and absorb a lot more of the bumps because the ski bends easier at the tip of the ski. All skiers can ski these skis, and everyone I have worked with has come back amazed by their experiences.

Another way to think of these skis is when you stick your hand out the car window going 60 mph. By simply raising your finger tips up, your hand lifts upward and floats. This is what early rise and rocker skis are doing with the pressure from the snow on the tips of the skis. Floating down the mountain, the freedom to move and the skis dancing underneath you is what this is all about. With these new skis you also can slide, pivot, carve, dump speed and most importantly have more feel and control than any skis you have ever had on your feet.

No more crossing tips, tripping at the shins and no more double ejections. Early rise and rocker skis still have sidecut and camber under the foot so when you hit the groomers or packed powder, they still perform magically.

Fleischer Sport carries the Armada JJ, Atomic Access, Blizzard Atlas, Argos and the Head Jerry and Johnny for the Men. For women, we have the Century and Elysian by Atomic.

So you see, you really can ski on those and that’s why we carry them in the store. Be sure to ask our staff of professionals to set you up with a pair for a day of pure awesomeness.