Kastle MX 98 Ski Review

Kastle MX 98 Ski Review

The ALL NEW KASTLE MX98 may be the most versatile and best all mtn ski ever made. It is for KastleMX98-smsure the best all mtn ski I have personally ever skied and after three or four turns it is easy to feel why. The square tail keeps the ski in the snow where and when you need it at all times. Early rise in the tip ensures an easy and relaxed entry into the turn without an overly pushy or mushy entry point. The amount of metal in the topsheet coupled with the vertically laminated wood core is the perfect balance of torsional stability and ski flex tip to tail.

When you ski this ski through powder or crud the skier has the ability to place the ski on a line and trust the ski throughout the turn shape. It doesn’t over flex, over turn or push…it simply cuts through it all and allows the skier to feel the turn start to finish. On the groomers this ski rips turns like a GS ski even though the turn radius is 27 meters. It skis more like an 82 waisted ski with a square tail while having the forgiveness of a rounded all mtn ski tail in the mid 90 waist range.

I have collaborated on ski designs with Atomic for over a decade and I can tell you that this model ski is the best ski I have ever skied for a retail ski and considering I have been skiing and racing professionally since 1992 I think this says it all.

Lengths of the ski come in 174, 184 and 194. A typical skier who likes trees, bumps and moderate to high speeds will want the 174 and this is the only size a expert female skier will need. A bigger guy and more powerful skier who skis more open terrain like Vail’s bowls or Jackson Hole or Whistler type terrain will want and need the 184, especially those that like to hit cliffs, rocks and catch air off of anything. A true pro will want want to go one step further and get the 194. Make no mistake the 194 is for those that can make the ski do exactly what it is designed to do and perform at the red line levels in every condition on the best mountains in the world.

Boot center is clearly marked on the ski and there is no reason to deviate from this mark as Kastle has done a great job of knowing where this ski is best mounted. If you want a easier turn radius, a softer entry into the turn and more smearability for extreme terrain you can go one full centimeter forward but that is maximum for any skier on lengths 184 and 194. I would not advise anything but a .5 or 1/2 centimeter forward on the 174.

The MX98 is sure to be the most liked all mtn intermediate/expert ski for the 2014/15 ski season. The good news is we have it now for the remainder of this season so be sure and try it out or do yourself a favor and trust me when I tell you it will change your life on the snow. Price for this ski flat is $1,399 or with a fixed toe Tyrolia/Kastle binding retails for $1,599. It may seem like a lot but if you are looking for the best one ski quiver you have ever owned this is the only ski to consider.

Call or stop by Fleischer Sport if you have questions or come by to try it for the day for demo and you can see for yourself why Kastle continues to be one of the best ski manufacturers on the planet. Fleischer Sport is the exclusive Kastle ski retailer and demo center in Steamboat. 1-970-870-0900 or www.fleischersport.com