KRU Clothing Line Arrives at Fleischer Sport

The First large storm system of the winter is fast approaching.It is also fitting as I finally have my KRU clothing line on the retail floor and it looks amazing. The color patterns this year are not only unique they are exceptionally warm, inviting and tropical.  The jackets are designed to be warm and functional but at the same time allowing for the fashion forward progressive look that the former designer for Jet Set has also been known for.

Yes you heard me right, the former lead designer for Jet Set. KRU is from Switzerland and the style is as good as it gets in the ski business.  The fir of the pants are perfection on a woman’s figure and the simple items make the most sense.  Boot zips on the front of the pant and four way stretch fabric to hug every curve and allow for freedom of movement. The base and mid layers are also full of color, functionality and style.  If you want one the finest ski clothing fashion lines found on the planet you must give KRU a look!