APX Dragon Goggle, what makes them great!

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APX Dragon Goggle, what makes them great!

APX Dragon goggle- The APX and the APXs goggle by dragon are some of the best goggles I have ever used. I personally ski with and use the APX for my skiing adventures and here’s what I like and love about the goggles.

Field of view is amazing and while some goggles offer a huge filed of view they managed to design a goggle that catches on the lid of your helmet or cuts off the airflow through your nose. The Dragon APX has the perfect distance from bridge of nose to top of frame. I have yet to wear a goggle that fits this good and I try them all because I only carry and buy the best goggles in my stores.

Iron venting- There is hard plastic over the foam air vents so you don’t have to worry about punching a hole in your goggles and ruining them when you travel, hike and put them in your backpack or accidentally sit on them while partying late night in your condo.

Xtra Lenses/Lense change- The APX and APXs have lenses that go in and out about as easy as playing with legos and that is not an exaggeration. The lens holes are numbered 1-5 and all you do is click the slot with the numbers and you can change your high light lens to a low light lens on a chairlift in 30 seconds or less. Most of the APX and APXs come with two lenses which is also something many companies do not offer.