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Protecting Your Face From Cold While Skiing

Does Your Face Hurt?…You have most likely seen him: Shaun White, aka The Flying Tomato. A man who single handedly made it cool to wear a face mask again outside the wrestling arena. Well, Shaun is right. Not only is it cool, but it is downright warm and comfortable.

The BaclavaThere are many versions of face masks and with today’s technology and advancements in microfibers, they are the only way to go. These fabrics stay dry and warm even when it is snowing and you are huffing and puffing.

These products not only keep your face warm, but they also protect your face from harmful UV rays and windburn and allow you to breathe in the deep snow between turns and keep people wondering whether you are someone famous.

Our warm weather gear in Fleischer Sport is gender and size specific, so be sure to ask one of our professional staff members for the most comfortable and stylish gear for your needs.