Ski and Snowboard Goggles, Seeing is Believing

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Ski and Snowboard Goggles, Seeing is Believing

A few of the most common questions in my shop are: “Do you have any goggles for flat light?” and “What is the best goggle for sunny and snowy/cloudy days?” If you are still using the same pair of goggles from years ago or even last year there are a few important things to consider and this includes your child’s goggles as well.

Do they fit snug within your helmet? Are they scratched? Have you held them up to a blower in the restroom to get rid of ice and fog? Have you cleaned them with a napkin on the inside? If you have tampered with the inside of your lenses I am sorry to inform you your goggles are toast. That’s right they are going to fog, ice up and forever cause you grief.

I don’t have to base my goggles on the weather. If it is cloudy, sunny, flat light, blue sky, etc. It’s all good by me because today’s goggles are made to perform in all conditions. Don’t forget that vision means everything while skiing or riding because it can affect your balance, timing and depth perception. Not being able to see will impair these senses and can ruin your day.

Goggles today are different than the always fogging, always scratching, plastic dinosaurs of the past. Some of today’s goggles have built in anti-fog fans that run on one AA battery and are located on top of your goggles inside the frame (we also sell this fan to go into your current goggles). They are also large to enhance peripheral vision and allow you to see more of your surroundings (no more tunnel vision). They fill the “gaper gap” between your helmet and forehead so the ice cream headaches stay with the ice cream cones and slurpees. The lenses now let in all the light you will ever want and need but at the same time use a chrome flash coating to keep out the harmful UV rays. That’s right, one lens for all conditions and no more complaining about goggles ruining your ski vacation.

Today’s lenses are also mold injected instead of being stamped out of a flat sheet of plastic. This means super clear vision, sun protection and they are much more fog and scratch resistant.

Just one look through these new goggles will make you realize that seeing really is believing.

Fleischer Sport carries one of the best goggle selections in Steamboat. We carry POC, Scott and Habervision for men, women and children. Our expert staff at Fleischer Sport will ensure your fit, lens color and style is exactly what you want and need to perform at your best.