Fleischer Sport is committed to the skiing and riding lifestyle that enhances and supports the lives of millions of people annually. More specifically, Fleischer Sport is committed to supporting Alpine Ski Racing and the Winter Sport Clubs, Athletes, Coaches and their communities.

Here at Fleischer Sport we sponsor athletes with equipment and fitting of that equipment. We use our tuning machine to deliver the best race grinds to racers to help them perform at the highest level possible.

We dedicate our tuning machine to the coaches of Steamboat Winter Sports Club so they know they always have the best tune on their skis and we do this for free.

Fleischer Sport writes checks that directly support Steamboat Winter Sports Club and Ski Club Vail to ensure we are giving back to the skiing and racing communities, kids, coaches and parents and creating the best and most well-rounded athletes. Education, training on and off snow, travel, supplies and moral and monetary support are key components to success.

Fleischer Sport has also gotten behind the World Junior Pro Challenge race series, which we started, by dedicating $5,000 towards scholarships for boys and girls to earn at a young age, to be put towards college. This first of its kind event, now in year two, can be seen on CBS Sports and is run in conjunction with the World Pro Challenge race series.

Fleischer Sport dedicated tens of thousands of dollars of ski racks and boot racks to Ski Club Vail for their new base facility at Gold Peak for their new ski club.

Another commitment made this year was a new micro chip timing system for the u16 age group for the SSWSC at a cost of $4,000+ dollars to ensure timing was consistent and no times missed during sessions throughout the season.

Chad Fleischer is also and has been, a volunteer coach for US Ski Team development speed camps, Ski Club Vail and SSWSC. He has continued to get his coaches education certificates to be as educated and informed as possible and stay in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations at the highest level.

Fleischer Sport and Chad Fleischer are committed to ski racing and all those that choose to take part in what we consider the best sport in the world.

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From my family to yours and my community and its families to you we thank you for your passion and love for skiing and for allowing us to support these kids and their hopes and dreams!

Thank you,
Chad Fleischer- Owner- Fleischer Sport