Steamboat Ski Rental Tips

Steamboat Ski Rental Tips

How To Get The Most From Your Steamboat Ski Rental Experience

[toggle title=”PERFORMANCE RENTAL” open=”yes”]Our performance rental skis for men, women and juniors are just that, made so you can perform at your best even if you are not the next Bode Miller. Our gear is purchased to enhance your experience and our two buckle Live Fit Atomic Boots are an awardwinning and patented technology that will ensure your boots have never felt better or been easier to get in and out of. Our Atomic Performance lineup is designed and built for beginners and aspiring skiers.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”PREMIUM RENTAL” open=”no”]We have more than 30 pairs of men’s, women’s and junior demo skis in the store (see page 28 and 29). We match your height, weight and skiing ability to the conditions to ensure the skis you have on your feet are the best suited for you and the conditions. If the conditions do change have no fear because our Premium Rental includes the ability to swap out skis as you please. Our expert staff will help you decide what is best, what is worth trying and what may be worth buying if you are interested in taking a pair home with you.

We also have the patented and award-winning AIR SHEL by Tecnica. Our PREMIUM boots are only Tecnica and the air shell is exactly what it sounds like: An inner core that fills with air to make your fit as snug and comfortable as possible (the air helps your feet stay warmer, as well).[/toggle]
[toggle title=”RENTAL HELMETS” open=”no”]Fleischer Sport has all new helmets for the 2010-11 ski season. Our helmets are GIRO, and they are retail helmets that we bought and brought to the rental lineup. We are here to make sure you have the best performing and looking gear in town. Please note that kids 17 and younger are required to wear a helmet if they are in ski school. We also encourage all of our clients to wear helmets.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”OVERNIGHT STORAGE” open=”no”]If you rent from Fleischer Sport, your skis/snowboards, boots and poles are stored for free. We also are one of the only stores in the country to offer boots on boot dryers overnight for free when you rent from the store. We also offer boot and ski storage for non-renters at $10 per night or $5 for boots and $5 for skis.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”TUNING & WAXING” open=”no”]This year Fleischer Sport is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Wintersteiger Sigma SBI tuning machine. Our in-house professional staff offers full service tuning and waxing for any and all of our guests to ensure the highest quality performance of your equipment when you take to the hill.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”RESERVATIONS” open=”no”]Online at or call 970-870-0900. We highly recommend booking your equipment in advance to ensure we can meet your requirements.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”SOLD OUT” open=”no”]It happens. Be sure to make your reservations early.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”TIMING” open=”no”]The Fleischer Sport Team is always ready to go but keep in mind these critical times to ensure your time is spent on the mountain. We are open until 8 p.m. every night, and evening is always the best time to get your gear. The busiest times at the store are from 8:30 to 10 a.m. and 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. If you can get in to be fitted, we encourage you to come between 5 and 8 p.m.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”EXTRAS FROM THE RENTAL STAFF” open=”no”]Smiles are encouraged, blue jeans are a plus and tipping is appreciated. It helps to know your kids’ height and weight. Also, don’t wear cotton socks.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”FLEISCHER SPORT RENTAL STAFF” open=”no”]These folks know skiing and riding and have extensive knowledge of the ski/board and boot fleet. They know what is perfect for you as soon as you walk in the door. Talents include: Breakdancing, fly fishing, extreme skiing, comedy and snowboard instructing. We have even been told one of them can turn ski wax into gold.

Rental techs control the screwdrivers, so play nice and don’t be afraid to buy them a drink if you see them out on the town.[/toggle]

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