steamboat-springs-helmet-rentalHead protection is key in boarding and skiing, whether on one of Steamboat’s smallest bunny hills or the steepest black diamond. Fleischer Sport is pleased to provide the highest-quality helmets available in adjustable small, medium, and large sizes.

Helmets come with a variety of features such as ear protection and moisture-wicking liners, and typically include hard outer shells and soft inner foam lining. The outer shell is made of high-impact plastic and protects the head from sharp objects and other abrasions, while the inner foam lining is designed to absorb impact.

It’s important that the helmet feel snug, but not too tight. However, if it rocks back and forth on the head, its too loose. Finding a smaller size, adjusting the strap, or using thicker pads are all options for obtaining a well-fitting helmet. It’s also important that the helmet is positioned low enough to protect the forehead, but not so low that it interferes with goggles. The expert team at Fleischer Sport is happy to help customers find the right helmets so they may feel protected and safe while carving their way through deep powder.

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