steamboat-springs-snowboard-boot-rentalHave everything except the boots? Snowboard boot rentals are available through Fleischer Sport without purchasing a complete boarder rental package. As with our ski boot rentals, snowboard boots do not require a reservation making it easy to get fitted with the right pair and enjoy the glorious snow Steamboat is famous for in comfort.

Snowboard boots come in two main types: soft and hard. The soft boots are very comfortable and work with both flow-in and highback bindings. Because they offer so much range of movement, they’re ideal for turning eye-popping tricks over heaps of snow and assorted ledges. Soft boots are arguably the most popular option among boarders due to comfort and adjustability, and the fact that they’re quite easy to walk around in.

Hard snowboard boots are designed for ultimate precision in regards to control, and are similar in appearance to traditional ski boots. They offer total support of feet, ankles, and lower legs, and are subsequently perfect for racing and shredding through hard snow. And while hard snowboard boots feature the same padded interior as soft boots, they’re designed with hard plastic outer shells and buckles or ratchet bails.

In addition to these two main options, snowboard boots are available in hybrid step-in form. These boots offer the comfort and convenience of soft boots’ upper sections with the hard, durable soles of hard boots. Utilized in combination with step-in bindings, hybrid boots are a convenient, strapless system possibility.

Learn more about snowboard boot rentals by contacting Fleischer Sport today or book online and save 25%!