Steamboat Springs Snowboard Rentals

Fleischer Sport is your #1 ski and snowboard rental facility in Steamboat Springs, CO and  features the highest-quality equipment and the most knowledgeable team of seasoned skiers and boarders as staff. Team members meticulously test each and every piece of gear sold at Fleischer Sport to ensure quality and performance, with staff consistently going above and beyond. The goal is to provide skiers and boarders with the best equipment for their needs so they may enjoy beautiful days comprised of deep powder, fantastic runs, and sunny skies. Read about our package options below, stop by at our store located next to the Steamboat Gondola, or give us a call at 970-870-0900. BOOK ONLINE for a savings of 20%!

Snowboard Rental Packages

The premier ski and snowboard rental company offers several packages for boarders in addition to providing boot rentals for those who don’t require full snowboard package.


[title size=”3″]Adult Demo Snowboard Rental Package 

Taking advantage of the Adult Demo Snowboard Package allows novice and seasoned boarders alike to enjoy the latest and greatest snowboards, boots, and bindings. All-mountain powder and terrain park-specific boards are both available to provide the optimal experience no matter what boarding preferences are favored.


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Adult Performance Snowboard Rental Package

Designed to provide beginner and intermediate boarders with exceptional experiences, this package offers the ultimate blend of comfort and engineering. Boarding is subsequently an efficient, streamlined process that never gets old.


[title size=”3″]Youth Snowboard Rental Package

The Youth Snowboard Package is all about assisting young boarders to hone their skills the correct way and have a great time doing it.



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Adult Snowboard Packages With Kids Ski Free

Adult Demo and Adult Performance snowboard packages are both available with the kids’ performance ski package and includes skis, boots, and poles. A wonderful way to introduce children to winter sports as a family, these packages also come with adult demo or performance snowboards, bindings, and boots.


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Additional Gear Rentals

Helmsteamboat-springs-helmet-rentalet rentals are available for staying safe while atop a board. GoPro cameras are available for rent as well, so boarders may enjoy shooting tsteamboat-gopro-rentalheir runs and obtaining a first person view of what they’re doing right and what they can improve. GoPro cameras are also fun for sharing boarding videos and images with friends and family.



Additional Services

  • Free boot storage on boot dryers overnight
  • Easy over-night storage of skis
  • On site basket check for personal belongings
  • Incredibly knowledgeable staff
  • Impeccably maintained, top quality equipment