SOS Ski Clothing at Fleischer Sport

SOS Ski Clothing just arrived from Sweden for the store and it looks fantastic. SOS is fashion forward and a little more modern look and feel than your traditional ski wear manufacturers. Fully functional fabrics make this line up waterproof and keep the elements at bay and insulate like the best on the market but one look speaks for itself. It’s fitted on the women’s side to keep the edgy look and on the men’s side the modern street wear look meets the mountains.  Ski pants with a pocketed tapered leg and jackets with a fuller cut to alleviate feeling too fitted or overwrapping the torso.

SOS is a look that I personally love and I think the reentry to the ski market is a no brainer considering they were one of the top selling ski lines in the country in the 80’s. Revamping a line is not always easy but I think it is safe to say that when SOS turned the lights back on it wasn’t in the office it was at the ballpark and they have hit a homerun with this years look!
SOS Ski Clothing